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Happy School Praised By Inspectors

A “happy” Coventry school has been praised by government inspectors for making excellent progress in the last four years.

Lyng Hall in Blackberry Lane, Stoke, was described as an "effective" and "considerably improved" school, by Ofsted inspectors during a recent visit.

The most notable areas of improvement since the last inspection in 1997 were found to be the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of managers.

The report said:

"The management by the headteacher and senior staff is a strength of the school. They are well informed and have established very effective decision-making processes.

“They have worked hard to develop similar skills in middle managers who in the main are making a significant contribution to the development of the school."

The school was described by the inspectors as:

"A happy school where pupils from a wide range of cultural backgrounds get on very well with one another.

“Relationships with pupils and their teachers are good and there is an atmosphere of co-operation and hard work."

Headteacher Paul Smith said everyone at the school is delighted with the report:

"We are very pleased that the good work and the significant improvements made since our last report have been recognised.

“I would like to thank the staff, governors and pupils for their support and commitment in helping to raise the standards in the school."

The report found the following good areas of performance:

  • Good teaching in most subjects of the curriculum

  • GNVQ courses - provision and pupils' attainment are very good

  • Developing pupils' positive attitudes to school, particularly by the end of Key Stage 4 and in the sixth form

  • The harmonious multi-ethnic ethos, based on good relationships and generally good behaviour in and out of lessons

  • The systems and procedures for supporting pupils with special educational needs

  • Effective subject planning and teaching of English and mathematics, enabling the most able pupils to attain high standards

  • The leadership of the headteacher, senior managers and the governors

Staff and governors are now working together to produce an action plan to address some areas for improvement identified in the inspector's findings.

These include problems with:

  • The attendance of a significant minority of pupils

  • The management of and teaching in music and religious education

  • The spiritual development of all pupils through collective worship and religious education for sixth form students.

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