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Handbrake Off For Earlsdon Car Club 

One of the first car clubs in England was launched in Coventry today following months of work by volunteers.

A group of people living in Earlsdon decided to follow the example of communities in Europe by linking together to form a car club instead of owning separate vehicles.

Under the scheme a Vauxhall Corsa is parked in a central location in Earlsdon.

Members of the club will have to pay a £25 joining fee and a £100 deposit in case they damage the car.

There is then a £10 monthly membership fee. After that the charges are purely for use of the car.

More than 50 people expressed an interest by completing an in-depth survey for the Earlsdon Sustainable Transport Association.

Jo Rathbone, who was involved in a car-sharing arrangements with neighbours in Newcombe Road before the idea of the club took hold, said people will have to pay £2 each time the car is borrowed, plus 15 pence a mile.

Members of the club will be able to book it by phoning a call centre run by Smart Moves. The firm, based at Coventry University’s TechnoCentre will run the scheme and prepare monthly invoices for the members.

Jo said:

“It’s a real buzz now that we’ve got it going. There are 21 people are going to be members, which is enough for one car, and if more people sign up we will be able to get another one.

“Once people have paid the membership fee there is no hassle for them. They just pay for the use, and don’t have to worry about servicing or maintenance.

“It will give car access to people who cannot afford their own car, but will also reduce the amount of cars on the streets.

“After a while we will get a better idea of the usage and we hope the scheme will spread nationwide later this year.
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