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Warwickshire Rivers On Flood Alert

The Avon Valley went on flood alert today, as 7mm of rain fell overnight and this morning.

The Environment Agency issued a warning covering the Rugby, Warwick, Leamington and Coventry area.

The problems are worse on the Avon upstream of Rugby farmland and roads in the Lilbourne area are now liable to flood.

An Environment agency spokeswoman said water levels in Rugby and Warwick are still rising, but are not likely to trigger a higher warning yet, although a severe weather warning weather has been issued for the county.

There were no alerts in the north of the county covering the Cole and Anker around noon today.

There are reports that the River Avon at Bretford Bridge was close to breaking its banks around 8am today.

For more information call the flooding incident room on 01684 850951.

To use the Flood Call recorded service, dial 08459 881188 and then use one of these quick-keys for detailed coverage:

052431 for the Avon upstream of Rugby (towards Welford)

052432 for the Avon between Rugby and Warwick

052433 for the Avon between Stratford and Warwick

052434 for the River Leam (between Rugby and Leamington


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