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Simple Solutions To Transport Problems

Intermediate Technology (IT) – the international development charity working in Africa, Asia and South America – is delighted to announce that it has been awarded 414,607 over three years by the National Lottery Charities Board.

The award will benefit over 90,000 people in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Sudan and Peru.

For many years, Intermediate Technology has worked to find solutions to the transport problems of rural people living and working in the Third World…people who often have trouble transporting essentials like water, food and firewood and spend a huge amount of time travelling from isolated villages to towns.

They are cut off from markets where they can sell their crops and products, they miss out on employment and they lack the access to health services and schools. Chris Underhill, IT’s Chief Executive said: "It’s all very well asking people to survive in a market system, but no matter how skilled they are in producing something, if they can’t get it to market, they can’t improve their income and in turn, improve their lives."

However, he is delighted that the National Lottery Charities Board have agreed to support IT’s transport programme.

"It’s great news. The award money will go some way to ensure that marginalised people strengthen their understanding of and ability to tackle transport problems. We will work with them to develop innovative, appropriate and sustainable ways of taking control of the issues that affect their development."

Bicycle trailers, hand carts and river transport are just a few of the solutions that IT knows can make a difference. Where once a person might have walked for hours to reach the nearest town, these appropriate, affordable means of transport can change the lives of isolated people and improve their struggle to survive.

More Information:
IT Press Office: 01788 661100

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