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Miniature Housing Unveiled At Royal Show

More than 300 homes will be given away by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust at the Royal Show next week.

They are not for you and me – but each is a house for a woodlouse.

And everyone visiting the stand, put on by the wildlife trusts from across the Midlands, will get the chance to enter a free draw to win a design for a wildlife garden makeover.

The wildlife trusts are back at the Royal Show after a break of eight years. And they want to spread the message that everyone can help wildlife, wherever they live – town or country.

The stand put on by the wildlife trusts will have wildflowers and ideas for improving the garden, and also carry information about the new agri-environment schemes.

There will be experts from the wildlife trusts from across the Midlands, with advice and information, with woodlouse houses, nest boxes, bat boxes and wildflower seeds to help improve people’s gardens.

Simon Lyster, Wildlife Trust director general, said:

“I am delighted that the Wildlife Trusts are back once again at the Royal Show with fun ways to improve your own gardens, as well as our more serious messages for protecting the wider environment.

“By working with farmers and landowners to encourage wildlife-friendly farming and land management, we aim to achieve a positive future for agriculture.

“I would like to thank Middlemarch Environmental Limited for their help in sponsoring the unusual prizes, which we hope will catch the public’s imagination and build on the growing enthusiasm for wildlife gardening.”

Dr Andy Tasker, director of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, said:

“We hope that lots of visitors to the Royal Show will call in and see the wildlife trusts’ stand – not just to win a house for a woodlouse, but also to find out how to improve their gardens and wildlife and to enter our free draw for their own wildlife garden make over design.”

The stand housing the wildlife trusts is at Block 6 on Avenue at the Royal Show at Stoneleigh, which starts on Monday 3 July and runs for four days.
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