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Bulbs For Bulbs A Blooming Good Idea

Hillfields will be a blaze of colour in the spring following an initiative encouraging residents to plant a bulb and bring down their electricity bill at the same time.

People living in the area have been invited to plant a bulb in the grounds of the high-rise flats.

In return for their efforts in brightening up the area, each participant will be given an energy-saving lightbulb.

The initiative, which runs on Thursday between 10am and 4pm at the Hillfields 12 Social Centre in Paul Stacey House, has been organised by Patchwork.

The project is being run by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, Coventry and Warwickshire Savers and the Phoenix Area Co-ordination Team.

Jenny Sansom, Community Project Officer from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust said:

“The aim is to smarten up the area visually, and also to encourage people to use and enjoy the open space more and become more actively involved in taking care of the environment.”

The work is one of a number of citywide projects to improve the look of the city by adding plants and tidying up parks and allowing the residents to help improve and shape their environment.

Phoenix Area Co-ordinator John Payne said:

“The Bulbs for Bulbs idea is both appropriate and amusing. Anything that can be done to improve the environment for local residents is a definite plus.

“It is great that local people can do something themselves to improve the environment, the work that they are doing with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is really going to make a difference to the area.

“The energy saving bulbs are a great rewards or a job well done, they make quite a difference to the electricity bill, and none of us complain about that!”
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