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Access For All At Crackley Wood

A new path around a nature reserve in Kenilworth was being opened today following donations from a variety of organisations.

The disabled access path around the circular route at Crackley Wood was being opened by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Donations for the project were made by the Hanson Environment Fund, Warwick District Council and English Nature.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s Reserves Manager Sophie Lloyd, said:

“Working in partnership with various organisations has enabled us to create this new circular path around Crackley Wood.

“Local people and wildlife will benefit from the improved access to the woods.”

Jon Holmes, Contracts Manager at Warwick District Council, added:

“We hope that local people will enjoy the benefits of this improved access. It is important that we enable more people to have access to Warwickshire’s wildlife.”

Richard Varcoe, chairman of the Hanson environment Fund, said the £5,000 donation came from a scheme set up to make the most of landfill tax credits.

He added:

“Hanson has had a long and rewarding relationship with the Wildlife Trusts. This is yet another worthwhile project that the company is proud to be associated with.”
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