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New Seats A Blooming Marvellous Idea

Giant flowers will be revealed in Coventry this week to show that a community hasn’t been sitting around doing nothing.

The flowers will act as seats in Primrose Hill Street, Hillfields following work by almost 150 local people.

The project, co-ordinated by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, will be launched at the Hillfields Concierge this Friday.

Each of the 'flowers' are based on the ideas of local people including children at Hillfields Play Centre, a local women's group, the Christian Fellowship and Sidney Stringer School.

Artist Karen Osborne from Birmingham is responsible for the design of the giant flowers and she collected together drawings from local people and then worked up designs for the most popular flowers, which include daisies, daffodils, poppies, sunflowers and roses.

She said:

"Any art feature had to compete with the scale of the flats and the very tall trees as you enter Hillfields.

“A single piece of art would simply be visually swamped! The colourful flowering seats will make a subtle focal point to brighten up the estate and welcome visitors.

“They will also make reference to nature which fits nicely with the other environmental work done by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust in Hillfields."

Cllr Dave Batten, cabinet member (Development and Renewal), said:

"These blooming seats are a blooming marvellous idea. This is real hands on - or bottoms on art.

“The ideas came from local people and I am sure that local people will enjoy seeing the art and using it too."

Seven of Hillfields' favourite flowers will be installed on Primrose Hill Street, outside Unity House and near to the bus-stop.

The Hillfields Play Centre will have six seats in a 'fairy circle' on the lawn outside and more seats will be dotted around the estate in groups for local people to use.

'Blooming seats' is part of a wider environmental project in Hillfields called Patchwork. Run by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, recent achievements include planting 10,000 spring bulbs at the concierge, creating community gardens from derelict land, organic food-growing schemes and making bird boxes.

Jenny Sansom, Patchwork's Project Officer, added

"I am absolutely delighted with Karen's artwork. Her giant flowers are a perfect complement to our work with the living environment at the Concierge and elsewhere in Hillfields."

The Patchwork Project is funded by European Regional Development Fund and the Department for Transport, Environment & the Regions.

They are overseen by the Area Regeneration Team, part of the City Development Directorate.

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