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New Coventry Hospital - The People's View

The news that Coventry Area Health Authority have chosen Walsgrave rather than the central venue of Coventry and North Warwickshire as the site for a proposed new hospital has brought mixed reaction from people in the city.

Reg Cunliffe, The Cheshills, Styvechale, said:

"I would have thought that there was far more merit in choosing a location in the centre of town.

This decision is going to cost money not only immediately, but for good as the taxpayer is going to be hit with huge transport bills for people being ferried out of the city to Walsgrave.

It will leave the city feeling very empty care wise and will be a worry for anybody with an on-going illness."

Mary Brady, Birchfield Road, Coundon, said:

"I used to live in the states and I find it unbelievable that they are prepared to leave a city the size of Coventry without a hospital.

"The area in which the current city centre hospital is in certainly appears to have land around it that could be developed and it would put some confidence in the city centre if they did develop that.

"This decision follows out of town shopping and is another step in the direction of taking all the heritage and land-marks away from Coventry."

Alan Mayne, Jackard Close, Styvechale, believes Walsgrave is a good site. He said:

"My wife goes to hospital quite a bit and she prefers Walsgrave.

"She travels by ambulance and the crews that transport her are fantastic so it really makes no difference to her in that regard, and the hospital is in a country environment which is a nicer way to recover from illness.

"I really think people are making to much of a fuss, at the end of the day Cov and North Warks is an inner-city hospital with rather grim surroundings."

Mary Corbett, Mount Nod, Coventry, said:

"I think there should be something in the centre of the city.

"There have been many, many areas in the city that have been developed recently that could have been earmarked for a project like this, the area around the railway station ,for instance.

"I was a nurse and I know full well how much minutes can count in emergency situations."

Jack Brookes, Norman Place Road, Coundon, is worried that people are missing the point. He said:

"If it will genuinely give better patient care then we have to go with it.

"I am Coventrarian through and through and although I do not want to see the city without a central hospital I think it is an impossible fight.

"What is important now is that proper provisions are made so that Walsgrave is accessible to everybody."

This is a belief also held by Donna Bogusz, Clipstone Road, Coventry, she said:

"I really think that rather than arguing the toss over which site to close we should concentrate on making sure the chosen project is done properly.

"Lets look at bus services, transport arrangements, and all the other things that need to be done well to make this work for all Coventry people, rather than chasing our tails and then realising that the important issues have been missed."

However some people believe Walsgrave is ideally suited for the project. Mrs Holland, Wyken, Coventry, said:

"Whatever happened here somebody was going to be let down that was inevitable.

"Walsgrave is a good site and I can fully see why people think it would be able to house such a project as this and I do think it will be a success.

"I do sympathise with people who are dependant on the city centre hospital and I hope to god that the decision is correct because once made it cannot be gone back on."

And there are still people who believe the decision has been made without consulting the people properly. Elaine Staite-Aris, Little Heath, Bell Green, said:

"I would prefer the city centre location because I do not have transport and Walsgrave is a trek.

"My husband was in there a while back and I had to catch two buses and travel for over an hour to go and visit him.

"I have heard a lot of talk about this and everybody has their opinion and I think an issue of this enormity should be put to the people for a vote."


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