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Market To Help Smokers Quit

This year will be the sixteenth No Smoking Day. Each year over a million smokers join in and an estimated 40,000 quit. Health promotions Services will be offering help on the 3 February 1999 by holding a market-style event which will consist of stalls offering advice and support. This is open to the general public and health professional and will be between 10.00am and 4.00pm at Ground Floor Annexe, Christchurch House, Greyfriars Lane, Coventry.

The drop-in day will look at successful ways of quitting smoking and the latest facts and figures associated with smoking related diseases. All attendees will be invited to get a FREE health check, find out how to stop smoking without putting on weight and get to look at all the latest products which will help you quit. In addition there will be an aromatherapist who will demonstrate relaxation methods, smoking counsellors to offer help about quitting and a nutritionist to give advice about healthy eating and offering healthy snacks.

No Smoking Day not only acts as a focus for smokers to prepare to give up, but also provides information about the dangers of smoking, including passive smoking. Research has shown that if an average smoker was to quit, hey would accumulate over 15,000 after 10 years with the money they had saved.

Joy Ellis, Health Promotion Specialist says:

"It is really important to know the facts about smoking, research has shown that on average, smokers lose more than one day of life each week. Passive smoking is extremely harmful, and young children are especially vulnerable to passive smoking as their lungs are immature and growing rapidly. This is extremely worrying as figures show that almost half of all children in the UK live in households with at least one smoker."

Come along to this popular event, which will provide details of smoking related services city-wide, and find out how we can help you.

Rachel Zaldua or Joy Ellis, Health Promotion Specialist : 01203 633066

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