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Take A Virtual Trip Around Bard's Birthplace

Shakespeare lovers will be able to take a virtual look around the Bard’s birthplace following the development of a computer tour of the Stratford house.

Because of the age and character of the building in Henley Street, people who cannot manage to climb stairs have previously been unable to look at the top floor.

Computers running a virtual reality tour of the birthplace will be booted up tomorrow to give everyone the chance to look at the rooms, furniture and artefacts on display.

The trust was set up in 1847 after the house in which William Shakespeare was born was bought for the nation.

The program, which has been funded by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, will be based on the ground floor of the house.

Museums Curator Ann Donnelly said:

”The last twelve months have seen many changes at the Birthplace, including the major refurbishment which has returned the house to the way it would have looked during Shakespeare’s childhood.

“We are delighted that more of our visitors will now be able to see those changes for themselves.”
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