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Coventry Writers Scribe Their Stuff

Coventry writers will be reading their prose and poems about the city in the cathedral ruins tomorrow. Here are some examples.


As a child my memory keeps a City full of greenery.
Godiva’s statue standing proud;
A centrepiece for all to see.

With anticipation, I wait for the hour.
The chiming clock, and the opening doors;
Where Peeping Tom pops out his head;
To spy the naked lady riding her horse.

Around the market, with its hustle and bustle.
Gripping mum’s hand tight I gaze,
The stalls a rainbow of colour.
What shall I choose?
A large swirl of creamy pink ice cream;
Chocolate thousands crown the top.

And then, outside, excited I wait;
To be the first, clambering up;
I take my place on the bright red Fire Engine
The chain of its noisy bell being pulled.
We’re off.
The happy chatter of the merry-go-round.

Angela Lousie Bradbury



Like Larkin, the place of birth,
Was Coventry, City of mirth.
There’s plenty we can laugh at her,
Without being too insincere.
A naked lady on a horse
We’re “sent to Coventry”, of course
Three Spires – eclipsed by so much more
A University on the door
Called Warwick –Warwick? Are you sure?
Why not Coventry, I implore?
The bus station they names “Pool Meadow”
Has neither a pool a meadow,
Unless you count the Swimming Pool
(Not one thinks of, as a rule)
Yes, what I like about this place -
Which inspires my Soul, lights up my face -
Is that it’s full of Character
Of Culture, and Charisma factor.
Filled with legend and history,
Coventry is the place to be,
The Old blended with the New,
Exciting things to see and do,
And be you junior, or Old
It casts a spell, and takes its hold.
Multicultural and central,
Quite creative, and eventful
With Strange blue Spirals curling high
And SkyDome lights filling up the sky
Coventry is so diverse,
It’s the inspiration for my verse.

Stella Hewison

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