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Give Us Your Views


While we would very much welcome a written response to anything in this framework or the LTP, we are particularly interested in answers to these questions:

  • Have we correctly identified the challenges facing Coventry's transport system over the next few years?
  • Are there challenges that we have missed?
  • Are there issues that we have indicated are challenges but are not likely to be significant?
  • Will any or all of our solutions meet the challenges we face?
  • Bearing in mind the limited resources we are faced with, should we focus on Corridors and Centres or Continuous Improvement?
  • Should we try to combine the two approaches?
  • Are there solutions we haven't considered?
  • Within either Corridors and Centres or Continuous Improvement, what should our priorities be?

There is more detail on the schemes, their financial implications and the West Midlands' strategy in the LTP which can be viewed at local libraries or at the address below.

A questionaire is available from the address below or can be downloaded here as a Microsoft Word document [47KB].

Comments or queries, please direct to:

Tower Block
Much Park Street
Coventry, CV1 2PY

Phone Richard Hartle on 01203 8320320 or fax 01203 831324.

It would be helpful if comments could reach us by Friday 10 December 1999.

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