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Phoenix Developer Chosen

Work is proceeding apace on Coventry’s Phoenix Initiative despite a lengthy wait for the result of the recent public inquiry.

The City Council has announced it has appointed urban regeneration specialists Complex Development Projects Ltd (CDP) as developer for the Priory Place phase of the Initiative.

Work is well under way on the archeological dig in Priory Row, the new gardens adjacent to Gala Bingo are taking shape and renovations of the former Bluecoat School will soon be complete.

When the archeologists have finished their work exploring the remains of the ancient Benedictine Priory next to Trinity Church, the gardeners will move on to the site to begin shaping the gardens of international friendship.

Chris Beck, Project Director of The Phoenix Initiative, said:

"This is work being carried out on land owned by the City Council and is not part of the Public Inquiry which related to compulsory purchases of certain properties.

"We are able to work on approximately one third of the site, costing about one quarter of the total cost of The Phoenix Initiative.

"The result of the public inquiry is some way off. It could be several months before the inspector makes his report to the minister and then it could be months before he makes his decision."

The Priory Place phase to be developed by CDP focuses on land surrounded by Fairfax Street, Hill Top and Trinity Street and provides retail, bar/restaurant, café opportunities and housing around a major new public square.

Chris Beck says:

"CDP has extensive experience in similar developments across the country.

"It is another piece in the jigsaw as far as the project is concerned. The Phoenix Initiative is one of the key identified projects for the on-going regeneration of the city centre.

"This commercial development is fundamental to the long term delivery and viability of the project in addition to delivering substantial new housing in this part of the city centre."

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