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Tenants Back Council's Housing Plan

Coventry City Council’s plan to transfer its housing to Whitefriars has received the support of its tenants.

The result of the postal ballot of all tenants was announced today by the Electoral Reform Ballot Service who conducted the vote.

The details of the ballot result are as follows:

Number of tenants voting 11,567 (58.3%)
Number of tenants voting FOR the proposal 6,315 (54.7%)
Number of tenants voting AGAINST the proposal 5,220 (45.3%)

Iain Roxburgh, Chief Executive of Coventry City Council, said:

"The ballot demonstrates that the Council’s proposal has the support of the tenants. This is good news for existing and future tenants, the Council, its staff and the wider community because it will mean real investment in the future of our housing."

Councillor Peter Lacy, Chairman of the Housing Policy Team added:

"The last Council election resulted in a turnout of just 26%, while the European election polled just 20.5%. In comparison, this result is stunning and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the tenants for the thought and consideration they have given to this proposal."

The Council will now continue discussions with the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions to resolve the overhanging debt issues – which must be resolved before the transfer can go ahead – and it will then seek the permission of the Secretary of State to transfer.

A letter will shortly be issued to all Tenants informing them of the result. This will be followed early in the New Year with a special edition of Housing News which will outline the next steps in the process and anticipated timescales.

Andrew Burman, Press Officer  024 76 832118


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