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Railtrack Rapped Over Level Crossing Plans

City councillors have demanded a meeting with government ministers to voice their fury over plans to close two Coventry level crossings.

They have sharply criticised Railtrack for failing to consider the wider impact of the closures on roads in the city.

Railtrack wish to replace the level crossing at Canley station with a footbridge and the gates at Tile Hill station with a flyover because modernisation work will increase the number of trains using the mainline.

This will mean the barriers are down even more than at present.

Members of the Environment and Transportation Policy Team today agreed to call for a public inquiry into the proposals for the £8 million project.

And they resolved to seek a meeting with senior government figures to express their concerns with the scheme.

They accused Railtrack bosses of failing to answer requests for evidence of a detailed study of the impact on traffic in the wider area around the level crossings.

A study carried out by the railway firm has accepted that there will be a significant increase in traffic in the Tile Hill area because more cars will be drawn to use the roads as a shortcut away from the A45.

James Russell, Assistant Director – Strategy and Planning, told the meeting:

“Railtrack came up with some ideas at least 18 months ago. We told them they needed to give more consideration to them. Frankly they’ve given very little extra consideration at all.”

Residents in Tile Hill and Westwood Heath collected petitions with more than 300 signatures against the project, and have formed a Bridge Action Group to fight the proposals, while almost 350 people in Earlsdon urged councillors not to consider a flyover at Canley station as an alternative.

Cllr Lindsley Harvard (Labour, Earlsdon) said more than 120 people attended a public meeting last week to discuss the issue.

He said that people had noticed the “down times” at the barriers had increased over the last six months, as if Railtrack were trying to make their point by taking too long to raise the gates.

He said:

“Canley Gardens has been seen as a part of Earlsdon but the closure of the level crossing will isolate the community. It will be a Berlin Wall.”

Cllr Bob Waugh (Labour, Westwood) said:

“Those people who wish to enter into really effective consultation will make sure that all those affected are informed of the proposals and the proposals will try to anticipate some of the issues that will be raised.

“Railtrack have carried out the barest minimum in terms of consultation.

“If we as a city council and as a planning authority had carried out consultation in this way the ombudsman would already be opening a file.”


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