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Nick Nolan Takes Over As Council Leader

Cllr Nick Nolan, Coventry City CouncilNick Nolan has replaced John Fletcher as the leader of Coventry City Council.

Cllr Fletcher, who has been leader of the ruling Labour group for three-and-a-half years, did not stand for the position at last night’s meeting.

Cllr Nolan, who represents Holbrooks and was Lord Mayor in 1994, beat Arthur Waugh for the top position.

John Mutton, who only scraped home in Binley and Willenhall by 43 votes in Thursday’s elections, was elected Deputy Leader.

Senior Labour figures were meeting today to decide who should be nominated for the cabinet in the new-look council.

Seventeen of the of 35 Labour councillors indicated that they would like to be considered for one of the eight positions.

The full cabinet will be decided at a Labour group meeting on Monday.

Cllr Nolan is expected to push the city council to resurrect some of the ailing services in the city.

An insider said that the focus would be switched from grandiose regeneration schemes that attracted national attention, such as the Phoenix Initiative.

Many of the councillors who lost their seats on Thursday were younger councillors looking for more radical ideas to rejuvenate the city.

Cllr Nolan, who recently had a heart bypass operation, was called in to take the helm of the Social Services Committee after the department was heavily criticised by government inspectors.

Councillors are also expected to reconsider the controversial Single Status deal. Campaigners in the recent election said that there was strong hostility to Single Status from council employees when they were out on the streets.

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