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Godiva Is Safe As City's Figurehead

Lady Godiva is safe as Coventry’s figurehead, the councillor responsible for the council’s image has promised.

The icon was thought to be in danger of being dumped last year as part of a corporate re-branding exercise by Coventry City Council.

Council officers had said the replacement of Godiva with another image had not been ruled out.

But yesterday the cabinet member for Service Co-ordination, Cllr Phil Townshend, said Godiva’s future was safe.

He gave the go-ahead for the £50,000 re-branding consultancy project to continue.

A new, more up-to-date logo will be devised and will be put on stationery and other items when they run out and need replacing.

Cllr Townshend said:

“Lady Godiva is Coventry’s unique heritage, known the world over, and her image must continue to represent our city.

“In the thousand years since her death Lady Godiva has been represented to reflect the changing fashions of the passing generations.

“This project will bring Lady Godiva into the 21st century.

“Work is well underway to ensure that a new design captures her spirit and strength. Lady Godiva was a champion of the people and Coventry City Council is determined to do its best to live up to her example.

“The project is about more than just a new look for Lady Godiva. Any new design will be practical for use in many formats, electronically as well as on paper.

”New guidelines will be drawn up for application of our logo to take account of the many ways in which the council works - with partners of through arms-length companies, for example.

“It is more than 13 years since the city council last looked at its logo and image. This important work will ensure that Coventry projects an image that is dynamic and forward-looking, like its people.”

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