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Making A Difference On Your Doormat

Making A DifferenceHouseholders in Coventry are being sent a bright reminder of changes being made in the city.

A lavishly-coloured glossy magazine called “Making A Difference” is being sent to every house in the city by the council.

Councillors have been keen push to the change in Coventry’s economic fortunes ever since they announced they were going to cut back on spending in this area.

Members of the Labour group last week agreed to put services at the top of the list of spending priorities.

At last week’s council meeting the leader’s statement, delivered by Cllr Dave Batten, the cabinet member for Development and Renewal, highlighted the amount of people who had found work in the city since 1993.

He revealed the following figures:

  • 20,000 more people are in work in the city now than in 1993.
  • A total of 138,000 people work in Coventry – although this is still 42,000 fewer than in the 1970s
  • Unemployment has fallen to 6,000, but there are still some pockets where it is as high as 20 per cent.

The magazine also highlights the variety of forthcoming projects that will transform the city centre.

Improvements in entertainments, sport, leisure, cultural, transport, and the community are also highlighted.

Cllr Nick NolanCouncil Leader, Cllr Nick Nolan, said:

"We are working very hard to create a Coventry that all our people can play a part in and enjoy the benefits whether its having a job, taking a part in sport and the arts or making use of high quality services.

“Coventry is experiencing huge and exciting changes, major developments and investments.

“Thousands of new jobs mean more opportunities. It is great news for the city and it will help secure our future as a city for the 21st century."

Cllr Nolan added:

"The 'Making a Difference in Coventry' publication is a colourful and informative way of bringing all these things together so you can read about how we're doing and catch up on the exciting plans for the future too.”

The magazine is being sent out at the end of the week. People who have not received one should contact the City Development Directorate's Media and Communications Team, on 024 7683 2247, minicom 024 7683 2136 or e-mail

Copies are also available in large print, braille or on tape.

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