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Protestors' Petition Pooh-Poohs 'Potty' Plans

Protestors campaigning against Coventry City Council’s plan to put toilets in place of the library’s information centre have launched a last ditch attempt to get the decision overturned.

They have collected 1,000 more signatures against the plan, and hope to use this to sway any wavering councillors’ minds later today.

The scrutiny committee which originally rejected the cabinet’s plan will meet this afternoon. If they reject the scheme again then the matter will be referred to the full council meeting tonight for a final verdict.

Anxious to maintain their support from dissenting Labour councillors, protestors Bernard Moore and Ian Harris took to the streets early this week to gather more evidence of their support. An initial petition was signed by 2,000 people during the summer.

Mr Moore, of The Mount, Cheylesmore, and Mr Harris, of Tulliver Street, Radford, launched the campaign because they feared that the usage of the information centre would decline if it were moved to the first floor. They also argue that the library building is an inappropriate place for public toilets.

Mr Moore said the decision to go back out on the streets was taken after people kept ringing him up and saying they wanted to sign the petition.

He said:

“We spent a total of 12 hours getting signatures. These are new names – some people who we approached refused because they said they had signed the new one.

“I would say that 95 per cent of the people we ask have agreed to sign it have done so, which is higher than before. More people are hearing about the plans and they are against them.”

Mr Harris added:

“It goes across all ages, classes and creeds. It’s not just about older people being against it.

“It is gathering momentum.”

Mr Moore said that he believed the petition would not be considered officially by councillors, but it might help sway some waverers at today’s meeting.

He said:

“It will certainly make them aware of the strength of feeling about this. How many more signatures do we need before they will listen?”


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