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Bulldozers Banned From Green Belt Land 

Green belt land in Coventry is largely to be protected in the new Coventry Development Plan, but some areas have been released for jobs and housing.

Coventry City Council had wanted greenfield sites to be made available for sports facilities around the city, but the idea has been quashed. Developers wanting land for housing have also had their pleas rejected.

But government inspectors have backed around 90 per cent of the city council’s proposals made at a public inquiry into the CDP earlier this year.

The CDP provides the framework around which decisions on planning applications and major development are made.

Officers are now looking at the areas where the inspector, David Baldock, has made different suggestions to their own.

One key area is land behind Walsgrave Hospital at Walsgrave Hill Farm, which has been set aside for housing.

But Mr Baldock has made it plain in his report that the land should only be developed when there is no longer enough land left for a five year housing supply. The council had wanted to use make the land part of the green belt, but it was deemed unsuitable for this.

Mr Baldock has agreed with the need for using greenfield land to provide a site for high-quality jobs and supported this in the north of the city, by incorporating nine hectares of green belt land for the current Prologis Park development.

Cllr Dave Batten, cabinet member (Development and Renewal) said:

"We are very pleased that the inspector has endorsed all of our basic approach for the development and renewal of Coventry for the next ten years.

“It sets the scene for all of the planning application decisions we will make, from house extensions, to new business parks and major developments.

“It also provides clear support for the regeneration being promoted in the city centre and in many other parts of Coventry.

“Officers are going through the weighty report with a fine toothcomb, and in a few weeks time we will need to decide if we can accept the remaining ten per cent of the report recommendations.

“But whatever we decide it is my hope that we see the CDP adopted and in force before the end of next year."
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