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Beware Of Trees, Warns Council

Residents living near damaged trees in Coventry are being urged to stay away from them until they are dealt with by experts as they could be dangerous.

Trees in streets all over the city were battered by high winds at the beginning of the week, and many of them suffered damage.

Coventry City Council, which is responsible for sorting out the trees in public places, has asked for people’s patience while workers try to get round them all.

Damaged trees have been taped off, had a cone placed by and a notice attached to show that work is still pending.

In the meantime residents are being urged to stay away from the trees that still need work, as they could be dangerous.

Cllr Jack Harrison, cabinet member (Community Services) said:

”Staff have been working very hard and I would like to thank them for their efforts.

“I would like to ask residents to keep away from the damaged trees and report any others to the city council.”

To report damage to a council-owned tree, ring 024 7683 4333, or minicom 0500 431143.

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