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Homeworkers Told To Get What They're Owed

People who work from home in Coventry are being urged to take part in a national survey to make sure they are being paid the minimum wage.

The survey is being carried out as part of a campaign to ensure that people are getting the £3.80 an hour to which they are entitled.

Homeworkers across Coventry are employed in a range of industries including food preparation, packaging, electronics and data input.

Most of them are entitled to £3.80 an hour, which was increased from the previous minimum of £3.60.

Cllr Dave Batten, cabinet member (Development and Renewal), said:

"Often employers will try to get out of paying the national minimum wage by getting employees to sign forms that say they are self employed or by saying it does not apply to piece work or fixed rate payments.

“This is not true. Everyone deserves a fair rate of pay for a fair days work - regardless of if they work in a office, a factory or at home.

“But it is easy for homeworkers to become isolated and unsure of their rights.

“By taking part in this national survey we will be helping to establish a national picture and make contact with homeworkers here in our city.

“All the information will be treated in the strictest confidence and our homeworking officer will also be able to provide help and advice on their rights and the law if people want it."

Coventry is one of only a handful of local councils to employ a homeworking officer and it is this officer who will be working with people in the city to help them complete the questionnaires.

Information will be passed on to the National Group on Homeworking and the Low Pay Commission who in turn will produce a report to be passed on to Central Government.

To take part call Vera Hyare, Homeworking Officer, on 024 7683 1285.
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