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'Anti-Social' Wood End Men Told To Behave

Two Coventry men have become the first in the city to be served with orders cracking down on their anti-social behaviour on an estate.

Coventry Magistrates yesterday granted the Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ABSO), which were introduced to try and stop neighbours from hell making the lives of normal people a misery.

Scott Breen and Paul Cummins have been prohibited from “intimidating or causing harm, alarm or distress to persons” and from “carrying or setting off fireworks in Coventry.”

Breen was also forbidden from using “vulgar, abusive and racist language” and having noisy parties.

Each of the three previous ABSOs granted in the city have been against juveniles.

Any breech of the order is a criminal offence and could be punished by imprisonment. The orders were made against Breen and Cummins following a catalogue of complaints from neighbours.

They will be monitored by a variety of organisations working in the area, and breeches will be taken to the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration.

Cllr Tom White, cabinet member (Community Wellbeing), and a Wood End councillor, welcomed the orders.

He said:

“I’m delighted by the news as it underlines the city council’s determination to use all the powers at its disposal to rid of our estates of crime and anti-social behaviour.

“This action also contributes greatly to the achievement of the targets set out in our Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy and sends a clear message to this criminal and ant-social minority that the local community won’t put up with their behaviour.”

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