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Extra Lolly For Lollipop People

Extra lolly is being found for lollipop staff and 100,000 bags are to be distributed across the city advertising for new recruits to man school crossing patrols.

The big campaign is being launched to try and entice more people to work on the streets to help children get to school safely.

There are currently 47 vacancies at 147 sites across the city, which are used by 13,500 primary school children each day.

Bosses at Coventry City Council have found it hard to keep staff ever since the half-pay school holiday retainer was scrapped in 1996.

Last year an extra £200 allowance was introduced to try and tempt more staff back to the streets.

Council officers say one problem they have to confront is the low amount of hours on offer – usually just seven-and-a-half a week.

This puts people off working, and has made it unviable for people on benefits to apply.

Leaflets and posters are distributed in areas where there are vacancies and the library service is to take part in a scheme where 100,000 bags advertising the positions are circulated throughout the city.

Cllr John Mutton, cabinet member (Resources), is being asked to continue the funding for the extra allowance.

A report to him said:

“The continuation of the recruitment and retention allowance will help to encourage applications for these essential posts and will provide an incentive for current patrols to with school crossing patrols service.”

Bus advertising is also to start this month and continue until April to advertise the positions. Cllr Mutton is to consider the issue on Monday.

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