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City Foreign Beef Warning Follows BSE Scare

People in Coventry have been warned against buying imported beef after a crackdown on illegal meat was launched in the city.

Coventry environmental health officers are to make spot checks at butchers in the city to make sure that no imported beef over 30 months old is being sold.

The checks follow concerns that some beef finding its way into Britain could be from cattle that are older than the legal limit set because of the increased risk of BSE.

The government’s Food Standards Agency has ordered a thorough investigation to make sure that all meat is safe following outbreaks of the disease on the continent.

Geoff Makin, Environmental Health Manager at Coventry City Council, said a string of measures were being put in place.

He said:

“The Food Standards Agency has asked us to make sure that local meat traders are not selling or using this imported beef and we have written to all local butchers, wholesalers and food manufacturers making them aware of this problem.

“Our officers will also be carrying out spot checks to make sure that none of this imported beef is on sale in Coventry.”

Cllr John McNicholas, cabinet member (Environmental Services) said people would be safer buying British beef. He said:

“Our priority is to ensure Coventry consumers can safely eat beef which is on sale in our city.

“If Coventry people want to enjoy a nice steak or roast I would recommend they always buy British beef, which is produced to the highest safety standards.”

Butchers, meat wholsesalers or food manufacturers who want more advice should call 024 7683 1832.

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