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Grave Warning Over Cemetery Washout Threat

People visiting cemeteries in Coventry are being warned to take care as some of the graves have become waterlogged.

The wet weather has soaked the grounds and visitors are being urged to take precautions to make sure they don’t have an accident.

Managers say they are concerned that people might slip and fall onto a memorial.

Graham Duggan, assistant manager of the Business Service that runs the cemeteries, said:

“With all the rain that we’ve had over the past few weeks, many areas of our cemeteries are becoming waterlogged.

“I would ask all visitors to take extra care so as not to slip or fall.

“A fall could prove very serious, particularly when you consider that there are memorials in the grounds.

“If anyone is planning to visit a loved one’s grave or memorial I would ask them to make sure they wear suitable footwear and on the paths wherever possible.

“We are working hard to do all we can to make sure our cemeteries as mud-free as possible, but the weather forecast is not helping.”

Over the Christmas period people can visit the Canley Gardens Cemetery and the Book of Remembrance Room, along with the other cemeteries at London Road, St Paul’s, Walsgrave, Lenton’s Lane and Windmill Road.

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