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Taste Of The Army For Foleshill Youngsters

Youngsters from Foleshill will get a taste of life in the Army during the school summer holidays.

One element in a massive programme of events organised for young people in north Coventry, is a weekly trip to take part in assault training at the army camp at Bramcote near Nuneaton.

Alethea Fuller of Area Co-ordination North said:

"The Youth Service, the Police and Area-Co-ordination have arranged to take up to 50 children to the army camp on one day each week throughout the school holiday.

"They will spend the entire day at the camp mixing with the soldiers and learning all about life in the army. They will also do some assault training.

"We shall be doing some follow up work with the youngsters afterwards and who knows, maybe one or two will consider enlisting in the armed services."

The trips are part of an extensive summer programme of events arranged by the three agencies as 'diversionary activities' during the five weeks school holidays. In Foleshill these include bowling and laser games at the Crystal Maze, cricket coaching, swimming, fishing, football, basketball, tennis, golf, ice skating, weight training and self-defence.

All activities are provided free and transport to the venues is also supplied at no cost by Centro and De Courcey Travel Ltd.

Linda Ash, Foleshill Youth Worker, said:

"We are hoping to attract around 300 youngsters this year and the idea is for the whole thing to keep growing.

"It takes time for youngsters from different groups to mix and the first few weeks are not easy, but by the end of the scheme there are no dividing lines - they are just young people enjoying themselves.

"We hold an awards ceremony at the end which underlines how these sort of activities can bring people together."

Demetrious Panton, North Area Co-ordinator, Foleshill said:

"We are delighted with the success of the summer programmes and it is the perfect example of the three bodies plus local companies working together for the common good.

"Hopefully the idea can be duplicated across the other five co-ordination areas."

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