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Pupil Power Clears Leisure Space

Pupil power has prompted a major environmental improvement in Coventry.

Youngsters from John Shelton School signed a petition complaining that the Hen Lane Park in Holbrooks was too dark, littered and overgrown for them to use. 

The petition, which was passed from the school to the police and from the police to Area Co-ordination North, is now to be acted upon.

Action Against Crime are levelling the ground, clearing away overgrown bush and re-turfing areas.

Coventry City Council's Cultural Development are to create a football pitch complete with goalposts.

Work has already begun on the Hen Lane Park site and Area Co-ordination North officer Sarah Ferguson, who has overseen the project and liased with local residents, is delighted with the opportunity to make some environmental changes in Holbrooks.

She said:

"This is our first major coup since Area Co-ordination North extended to Holbrooks in April.  I am so pleased that the first thing we are doing will show we can change things environmentally in Holbrooks.

"The Holbrooks area is very limited in terms of space for young people, and the Hen Lane Park was not being used because it was so dark and littered and the ground was so uneven.

"It is so important to improve this environment and make space for the children to play, and the really special thing about this particular project is that the young people asked for what they needed in their area.

"City-wide, Area-Co-ordination is here to help residents improve their area and this can only happen if they say what they need.

"These school children are an example for people young and old, throughout the city. They saw something that needed improving, something that would make a difference to their lives and give them space to play, and they did something about it.

"I am really looking forward to hearing their feedback on the finished product."

Cllr Mrs Margaret Lancaster said the improvements to the park made it more accessible for all the local residents, in particular the children.

She said:

"I am delighted that the work has finally begun on the park in Hen Lane. It will be a great improvement.

"We have been looking to improve the park for a long time and have at last got the funds to make it a nicer area for the children to play in.

"We hope that once the park is finished and safe, the children will police it themselves. They are the ones who petitioned for it to be tidied up and we hope that they will look after it now the changes are being made.

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