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Voice Of The Over-50s To Be Heard

The collective voice of Coventry's over-50s will be heard more clearly and carry more weight after a project designed to help them to play a more active role in city affairs.

Area Co-ordination is staging a forum in each of its six sectors in Coventry under the Better Government for Older People programme.

People aged fifty and over, who make up 31 per cent of the population, will be encouraged to make their voices heard on all manner of subjects.

They will be offered training so that they can develop and extend any roles they may take up in the community and they will maintain close contact with their Area Co-ordination office.

Dave Crossan, a community education officer of the City Council, said:

"Many older people feel their concerns are ignored by everybody, including the City Council.  To counter this belief, a series of consultation exercises is being planned to allow the 50 plus age group to make its voice heard.

"The Over-50s Forums follow a city wide meeting held in the Motor Museum in June.  Those who attended made it clear that they wanted meetings in their own localities at easily reached venues.

"We are arranging forums to take place at local schools that are accessible to the majority of the population.

"We are hoping to identify issues that can be taken up by the six area co-ordinators in a bid to find solutions. Community Education will also be able to organise training events for people who wish to improve their communication skills and get their issues addressed."

The first forum is at Radford School, Lawrence Saunders Road on Thursday, 23rd November from 4.30 pm-6 pm.  Further forums will take place in the New Y
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