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Coventry Market Unveil Restored Mural

A restored 100ft long mural donated to Coventry by the city of Dresden will be unveiled at the Retail Market next week to mark the completion of a 1.2 million refurbishment project.

The 5 foot high wall mural, donated by the City of Dresden in 1961 and designed by artist Jurgens Seridal, depicts the industries and crafts of Coventry and was restored by professional restorer Marilyn Jackson-Mooney over a period of 17 weeks.

The 1.2 million project has been project managed by developers Arrowcroft Group plc on behalf of the City Council, and has also seen a whole range of improvements to the Market, with improved lighting and stall refurbishment through to improved insulation and an upgraded ventilation system.

Councillor Bob Waugh, Co-ordinator of the Council’s Economic Affairs Committee said,

"We are very committed to the revitalisation of the Lower Precinct and Retail Market area. The completion of this first stage of work marks a major step forward in this redevelopment, which we feel will greatly enhance the city centre. This is another stage in a range of schemes which are revitalising the heart of our city, and helping to create an exciting and vibrant city centre.

"The City Council will continue to progress a plan to make the city centre a place for our citizens to be proud of."

All the work for this stage of the project has been undertaken in 12-hour shifts through the night by contractors John Sisk & Sons and sub-contractors, aiming to keep disruption to trade to a minimum.

Daniel Carter, Director of Arrowcroft Group plc said,

"The completion of this initial refurbishment work is the first step towards the revitalisation of the Lower Precinct, securing the viability of the Market as an anchor attraction both for the Lower Precinct and the city centre generally."


A public inquiry into the next stages of the 33 million redevelopment of the Lower Precinct was held on the 10 November 1998. A decision on the proposal is expected in approximately 6 months.

Coventry Retail Market
Phase one – Refurbishment Details:

  • Structure – Repair and maintenance to concrete structure internally and externally
  • Ceiling – Removal of existing egg-crate ceiling system
  • Insulation – Provision of new insulation to roof structure
  • Stalls – Timber treatment to stalls and provision of lighting
  • Lighting – Provision of new ambient lighting
  • Ventilation – Refurbishment of existing mechanical ventilation system
  • Glazing – Refurbishment to existing glazing and ventilation windows
  • Refuse Disposal – Replacement of refuse chutes
  • Drainage – Maintenance of existing system and associated equipment
  • Doors – Provision of access for the disabled from Shelton Square; refurbishment of existing doors and grilles
  • Floor Finish – Floor Repairs
  • Wash Basins – Provision of communal facilities
  • Signs – Replacement of appropriate signage

Further information:
Sue Ashby, City Centre Team 01203 832795
Daniel Carter, Director of Arrowcroft Group plc 0171 4995432


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