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Labour Set To Maintain Coventry Seats?

The three Labour MPs are expected to retain their Coventry seats in next monthís general election, but the national spotlight is expected to fall on Geoffrey Robinsonís North-West constituency.Geoffrey Robinson MP

The former Paymaster Generalís activities, both politically and in business, have been surrounded by controversy in recent months and political commentators wonder whether it will affect his vote.

Robinson, a millionaire, has been an MP in Coventry for more than 20 years and before that he was Chief Executive at Jaguar Cars. He is based in London, but he has homes in the south of England, France and Italy.

He was a director of Coventry City Football Club, but under Government rules, had to resign when he was appointed Paymaster General at The Treasury. He left the Government in the furore surrounding his loan to Peter Mandelson MP to buy a London property.

He had a huge majority of 16,601 at the last election and his opponents in Coventry North West this time are Andrew Fairburn (Conservative), Gilbert Penlington (Liberal Democrat), Christine Oddy the former Labour Euro MP who is standing as an Independent, and Mark Benson (UK Independence Party).

Jim Cunningham, the former Labour leader on Coventry City Council, faces challenges in Coventry South from Heather Wheeler (Conservative), Vince McKee (Liberal Democrat), Rob Windsor (Socialist Alliance), Timothy Logan (Socialist Labour) and Irene Rogers (Independent).

Bob Ainsworth, who was a union convenor at Jaguar, before winning Coventry North East, is opposed by Gordon Bell (Conservative), Geoffrey Sewards (Liberal Democrat), Dave Nellist (Socialist Alliance) and Edward Sheppard (British National Party).

Polling Day is Thursday 7 June from 7 am to 10 pm. The votes will be counted in the Fairfax Street Sports Centre. Admission by ticket only.

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