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Hearty Boost For Walsgrave Pledged

People in Coventry with suspected heart problems can look forward to quicker treatment soon after Walsgrave Hospital was chosen to host a new chest pain clinic

The hospital was just one of four in the West Midlands to be picked out for extra money to fund the changes.

Health Secretary Alan Milburn announced the expansion in 'rapid access' clinics for patients with suspected heart problems at the Labour Party conference.

It is hoped that the clinics will be open by April. The government says there will be 139 across the country, almost trebling the original target of 50.

The aim of the clinics is to speed up diagnosis and treatment by making sure that those with suspected angina can be seen and assessed by specialists within two weeks of referral.

Over £15m has been set aside this year to enable the clinics to be established or upgraded. Additional funds are also being made available locally from Health Action Zones and the Health Improvement Performance Fund.

The initiative forms part of the Government's National Service Framework to improve prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease.

Alan Milburn said:

"Patients with chest pain that may be angina can sometimes wait weeks for a hospital appointment after seeing their GP.

“We need to make sure these people are seen quickly and these clinics will mean that these patients can be seen within two weeks or even sooner.

"Those with heart problems will be given specialist advice and diagnosis quickly. And for the majority, whose pain is not caused by heart problems, reassurance can be given promptly.”

The clinics will see patients referred directly from GPs via telephone, fax or email. Typically, two thirds or more of the patients with chest pain seen in these clinics can be reassured immediately that their symptoms are not due to heart disease, rather than waiting anxiously for weeks.

The aim is that those patients identified as having heart problems can be given the priority they need.

The clinics will enable patients to be seen and assessed within two weeks of referral to hospital by their GP.

Patients with acute chest pain who are thought to be suffering from a heart attack will continue to be admitted as an emergency via the Accident and Emergency department or coronary care unit

People attending the new clinics will undergo a 'one stop' assessment by a specialist staff so that, instead of waiting weeks or longer for different tests, many can be undertaken during the initial hospital visit.

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