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New Labour Candidate For Foleshill

The Labour Party has selected a new candidate for the Foleshill Ward of Coventry for the second time in just three months.

Mrs Meto Lakha has been chosen to stand in the area after the selection process had to be restarted when party officials found that the last victor was actually ineligible.

Mrs Lakha was voted in at a meeting last week, and admitted the move has brought to an end a rather bizarre run of circumstances.

She said: 

"I am delighted to have been selected and I am now dedicated to doing my best for the people of Foleshill.

"There was a candidate selected in October but the party then realised that they had not been a member for 12 months, which is the minimum requirement in party rules."

Councillor Gordon Wright, Coventry City CouncilCouncillor Gordon Wright, 75, who is the husband of current mayor Joan Wright has lost his position to Mrs Lakha, but she admits he is a figure that she admires.

She said: 

"This is not about personalities at all. I did not ask to be put forward I was asked.

"Mr Wight is someone who has served a long time in the party and has done very good things for the people he has represented, there is certainly no bitterness between us."

Meto Lakha will now serve her second stint as a councillor after spending two years in the Radford ward, and she admits she is relishing the new challenge.

She said: 

"Foleshill has a great mix of race, age and origin and it is my job to communicate with these people and advise them on anything they need help with.

"The council elections are on 4 May and before then I will be attending meetings and holding workshops so that anybody who needs me can contact me.

"I enjoy the job greatly and it gives you great satisfaction when you achieve something for somebody and make their life easier."

However, the appointment will mean that the new candidate will see less of her husband, who is a councillor for the Binley and Willenhall area.

"We will both be hugely busy but we have been married for 23 years and we always make time for each other.

"We also have three grown up children, and I run the tuck shop at the Hijaz College of Languages so it is a very busy life."

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