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Labour Announces Candidates To Contest Every Seat

The Labour Party has announced its list of candidates for the May 6 election, which sees every seat on Warwick District Council contested. Labour candidates are standing in all 45 seats.

The Council was last elected in 1995. Labour was returned as the largest group. Cllr Ian Dove, Labour Group leader, has led the authority since 1995.

Cllr Dove said,

"We have an outstanding record of achievement over the last four years, and a clear vision of what we can achieve for the community over the next four years."

Cllr Dove added,

"When we took over a council many of its buildings were in disrepair and important issues like the Old Town and Agenda 21 were gathering dust. All that has changed. We have reduced the amount of spending on administration, but we have steadily improved services, and this year we have cut the District Council’s share of the Council Tax. We now have a council recognised for its excellence and delivering efficient services."

Cllr Dove said,

"If it had been left to the Tories, there would have been no restoration of the Pump Room, no modernisation of Warwick market Square and no One-Stop Shop in Kenilworth."

Cllr Dove described the forthcoming election as being about "securing more progress with Labour or slipping back to lethargy and in efficiency with the Tories. I am confident that the voters of Warwick District will remember the years of Tory neglect and turnout in support of the Labour Party’s programme."


Leamington Brunswick Ian Dove
Joy Evans
Balvinder Gill
Leamington Clarendon Bob Crowther
George Darmody
Bill Evans
Leamington Crown Lois Sparling
John Turney
Jaswant S Virdee
Leamington Manor Kevin walsh
Kathleen Way
Michael Wincott
Leamington Milverton Max Hall
Mike Luntley
Christine Shaw
Leamington Willes Channan Aujla
Peter Byrd
Cheryl Flanagan
Warwick North Jenny Clayton
Michael Dray
Dave Talbot
Warwick South John Holland
Kevin Holt
Warwick West Bob Attwood
Les Kent
Agnes Leddy
Bishops Tachbrook Richard Tanlin
Budbrooke Paul Taylor
Cubbington John Roberts
Hughie Griffiths
Lapworth Anne Douglas
Leek Wootton Judith Leask
Radford Semele Fiona Walsh
Whitnash Makkan S Purewal
Neil Roberts
Kevin Williams
Kenilworth St Johns Alan Ainsworth
Janice Ford
David Peggs
Kenilworth Abbey Rosemary Ellis
Margaret Levy
Chris Payne
Kenilworth Park Hill Christopher Edgerton
Harry Scarborough
Stoneleigh Paul Bell



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