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Oddy Slams Labour Party Luvvies

Christine Oddy MEPCoventry and Warwickshire North MEP Christine Oddy has resigned from the Labour Party after slamming their selection of candidates for next month's Euro elections.

Oddy branded former Eastenders actor and Labour Party candidate Michael Cashman a "London Luvvie" and vowed to fight the campaign as an independent candidate.

The MEP was suspended from the Labour Party last week after being accused by party chiefs of having a low-work rate but she believes that she was the victim of political games.

She said:

"I am resigning from the Labour Party in protest at the unreasonable suspension of me by the party, the unfair method selection for the Euro elections, the failure of the Labour Party to respond to my requests for an appeal and a meeting.

"I am standing as an independent candidate for the West Midlands region to give voters a choice of candidate.

"I want to open up the totally undemocratic closed list and the possibility of voting for a local candidate rather than for two London luvvies, it is a protest against the shift of power from the voter to the political party elites."

Labour will now have a tough job persuading voters that Oddy should not be supported, especially in the wake of last week's support of the MEP from members of opposition parties.

The elections take place on 10 June and Oddy believes her reputation for dealing with issues close to the voters’ hearts will secure her a seat as an independent member.

She said:

"I shall be standing on my record as a well known, hard working, local MEP with an excellent reputation in the European Parliament who battles for British interests.

"I shall be campaigning on the issues that I have pursued over 10 years, pensioners’ rights, disability rights and employment rights."

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