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Christine Oddy Calls For English Tourist Board To Stay

Coventry and North Warwickshire Euro MP Christine Oddy is urging the Government to keep the English Tourist Board, which could be axed as part of the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.

Following continued speculation that the Board will be scrapped she has written to Chris Smith, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, urging him to retain it.

In her letter Ms Oddy says that the Board is playing a valuable role in promoting tourism in the English regions and points to its success in developing a 'star rating' classification scheme for hotels and other accommodation.

The future of the Board will be considered in a consultation paper expected from Mr Smith' s department later this month which is likely to list a number of options including devolving its responsibilities to the regional tourist boards.

But Ms Oddy says that although these organisations do valuable work they represent only a minority of businesses involved in tourism and lack the status and power of the English Tourist Board.

She said:

"It would be quite wrong if Scotland and Wales were to keep their tourist boards whilst the English one was scrapped purely as part of a cost-cutting exercise. The valuable work it has done on issues such as a nationally-recognised classification scheme for hotels, guest houses and holiday accommodation would be at risk of being lost."

MORE INFORMATION: Christine Oddy MEP  01203 552328

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