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Christine Oddy Welcomes New Report On Camping Safety

Coventry and North Warwickshire Euro MP Christine Oddy has welcomed a new report aimed at improving the safety of the more than 100 million people who take camping holidays in Europe every year.

The report by the Federation Internationale de Tourisme and the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile was drawn up following several natural disasters which struck camp sites, including a flash flood in Spain which led to the deaths of 86 holiday-makers in 1996.

It recommends that there should be much greater co-operation between the European Union, national governments and local authorities to enure common minimum safety standards across the continent.

Meanwhile, the report adds, there should be more effective enforcement of existing standards to minimise risks to campers. This should include an assessment of risks at all sites from potential threats such as flood, fire, earthquakes, water and air pollution.

The report goes on to say that campsites should plan for emergencies, provide early warning systems and test their evacuation procedures.

Ms Oddy said:

"Camping is incredibly popular and it is essential that the millions of people who enjoy this type of holiday should be secure in the knowledge that the sites where they are staying have the highest degree of safety. We cannot legislate to stop floods, forest fires and earthquakes but was can ensure that the danger from this type of natural disaster is minimised."

MORE INFORMATION: Christine Oddy MEP   01203 552328

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