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James Plaskitt's Pay Rise Charity Gesture

James Plaskitt MPWarwick and Leamington MP James Plaskitt is to pass some of his pay rise on to charities in Warwickshire because the increase was above the rate of inflation.

He was awarded a 2.9 per cent pay increase along with all other backbench MPs in the latest pay review in parliament.

But he has chosen to keep to a pledge made when he stood for election to give the difference above the rate of inflation – which was 2.1 per cent at the time of the award – to charity.

He will hand the money over once the new pay increase comes into effect. His official salary will be over 48,000.

Mr Plaskitt said:

“I promised to do this when I was elected in 1997. I have some charities in mind to give the money to and I’m trying to identify four or five.”

People living in his Warwick and Leamington constituency will be receiving a copy of his annual report in the next few days.

It details the numbers of meetings, engagements and his activity as an MP over the last year, including

  • Meeting more than 400 constituents at surgeries.
  • Visiting over 200 local groups, companies and organisations.
  • Having the seventh best attendance record in the House of Commons.
  • Arranging tours of the House of Commons for more than 250 people

Mr Plaskitt said it had been an extremely busy year.

He said:

“You might have thought that in a parliament with a huge majority that there’s potential for back-benchers to feel that they are a bit of a spare part and that we are removed from influencing government decisions.

“But I find it easy to get direct access to ministers and cabinet ministers. They are willing to discuss the big policy issues as well as local issues.”

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