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MPs Call For Better Deal For OAPs

Two MPs in Coventry and Warwickshire have called on the government to increase the basic state pension and give free TV licences to all pensioners.

Jim Cunningham and Andy King have signed an early-day motion calling on the Chancellor Gordon Brown to hand over the billions of pounds raised from the auction of mobile phone licences.

The Labour MPs, who represent Coventry South and Rugby and Kenilworth, have joined more than 70 colleagues in congratulating the government on raising more than £20 billion.

They have called for the money to be re-distributed to pensioners and for the free licence to be extended to all elderly people, not just those over 75.

Mr Cunningham said:

“We, as Members of Parliament, need to ensure that pensioners receive a decent standard of living and are well looked after when they retire and begin to rely more on the state for support.

“The pensioners of this country are owed a great deal, and by using the money resulting from the mobile phone licence windfall wisely, we can ensure that wall our pensioners receive a boost to the quality of life.

“I am positive that this government is working hard for pensioners, and wish to see this proposal implemented as a further commitment to the welfare of our elderly citizens.”

Pensioners’ groups across the country have been holding demonstrations following the latest rise in their weekly allowance.

They urged the government to be more generous after seeing their pension rise by just 75p a week.

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