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Relief As Warwickshire Avoids GM Crop Trials

Warwickshire has escaped being used in the next round of GM crop trials to the relief of local campaigners who have been calling for a rethink of the tests.

Stratford MP John Maples has welcomed the news as he has been calling for a re-appraisal of the strategy of testing oilseed rape and beet.

He said the impact of the trials on beekeepers was one factor that had not been sufficiently considered. One of his constituents, based in Harbury, has been affected by trials in his area.

Mr Maples said:

"I have consistently pursued the Government on two fronts.

“In particular by calling for a change of policy as it affects beekeepers and calling for the presence of commercial beekeepers to be taken into account in the selection of future sites."

This will help a beekeeper in Harbury who has been seriously affected by  trials in the area.

“Secondly I have called for a reappraisal of location of the sites chosen for trials so that the same locations are not chosen in successive years.

“I have lobbied everyone connected with this matter and am delighted that local sites have not been chosen again for these spring trials.

“I am not against trials but want to see the results before I would support any commercial planting.

“I have always believed the whole process should be completely open, with no secrets being kept from the public.”
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