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Pledge To Take The Bus or Walk To Work

The streets of Nuneaton and Bedworth should be quieter later this month – as people are encouraged to take part in a scheme to leave their cars at home.

While protests in Britain and France gather pace against rising fuel prices, a council project aims to get people to leave the gas-guzzler home and use public transport for work.

The objectives of this day are to increase public awareness of the pollution caused by the use of cars in towns, and to promote the roles of pedestrians, cyclists and public urban transport.

A council spokesman said of the event a fortnight today on Friday 22 September:

“Leave your car at home for the day and journey into town by train, bus, bicycle or any other imaginative means.

“You can pledge your alternative transport intentions by signing The Pledge Book prior to the event. 

“On the day, displays will be set up in Bedworth town centre in the morning and Nuneaton Town Centre in the afternoon promoting alternative transport. 

“The Pledge Book will also be available to enable those who pledged to confirm that they used alternative transport.

“Prizes, including a wind-up radio worth £59, t-shirts and certificates are available for the most original and imaginative form of transport pledged and undertaken."

The Pledge Book will be available to sign from today until Wednesday 20 September in Nuneaton town centre, and between Wednesday 13 and Tuesday 19 September in Bedworth town centre.

To promote the event, the mayor and consort will be journeying from Bedworth to Nuneaton in the borough council's environmentally friendly refuse vehicle.

The vehicle boasts CRT - Continuous Regeneration Trap - ensuring the omissions from the vehicle are not harmful to the atmosphere. 

It has been awarded a reduced pollution certificate and qualifies for a road tax discount.

The vehicle runs on City Diesel - a low carbon diesel with reduced sulphur levels and is one of the latest and cleanest refuse collecting vehicles on the market.

More than half of emissions of polluting agents such as nitrogen oxides or carbon monoxide come from road transport vehicles.

And the annual growth rate of energy consumption in the transport sector, grows at nearly four per cent annually which means that the figure doubles every 20 years.

And on the same day, there will be heritage walks with John Burton.

The first one will depart from Bedworth Alms Houses at 10.30am and the second one will depart from Nuneaton Art Gallery & Museum at 3.30pm.

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