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Council To Bring In Organic Rubbish Collection

Nuneaton and Bedworth are going green – not because of mold, but it is to do with rubbish.

The borough council is set to bring in collections of organic waste, as part of a drive to cut down on the amount of biodegradable waste that ends up on a tip.

Glenn Fleet, refuse cleansing and marketing manager, for the council said:

“There is potentially far more organic material available in the domestic waste stream than is collected at present.

“The council has offered its residents a variety of home composters over the last five years.

“Although the composters are suitable for recycling general kitchen and garden waste, they are not capable of accepting large quantities of green waste.

“The Government’s target in the National Waste Strategy published in June this year was that 25 per cent of household waste should be either recycled or composted by the year 2005, and that 30 per cent should be recycled or composted by 2010.”

And the introduction of the European Landfill Directive will set progressive targets to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste sent to landfill sites.

A look at household waste shows that 60 per cent is biodegradable, and the amount of garden rubbish in a bin varies between 21 and 38 per cent.

An integrated Waste Strategy for Warwickshire is being drawn up, but Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council wants to take action now.

Thus will be done with two staff and a 3.5 tonne cleaning vehicle to collect the garden and green refuse. 

That will be shredded and taken to a composting site at Gaydon, near Leamington, for now until a similar site opens in the north of the county.

The borough council will save money as this waste will be accepted for free, whereas the council now pays more then £23 per tonne to take it to the usual tip.

To start with, the new organic collection service will be once a week, and might increase if there is demand.

A charge of £15 per trip will be made for the service taking away up to a 3.5 tonne van load.

The problem of dumping green waste increased with a ‘van ban’ at council tips across Warwickshire.

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