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Energy Efficiency Project Receives Major Boost

A new scheme aimed at improving energy efficiency in South Warwickshire rural areas has just received a major boost. The Energy Savings Trust has awarded 93,450 to the scheme as part of a competition amongst local authorities to stimulate local energy efficiency.

The South Warwickshire Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) is a partnership with Rugby Borough, Stratford District and Warwick District Councils, targeting a rural community in each local authority area. It involves developing and promoting a package of discounted measures to all householders, grants for the ‘fuel poor’ and appointed skilled contractors to carry out the work.

Councillor Frank Blackman, Chairman of Rugby’s Housing Committee said,

"I am delighted with the award which will enhance the work and resources which this Council is committing, to energy efficiency."

SWEEP was one of only 36 schemes throughout the UK to be awarded the grant. There were 100 applications and competition was very fierce.

The competition, called HECAction, was organised by the Energy Savings Trust, Government funded organisation and promotes energy efficiency in the UK. This year, over 3.73 million has been made available by the Energy Savings Trust from its Government funding. With additional support from private sector funding, over 15 million will be spent on energy measures.


HECAction helps local authorities to meet their commitments under the Government’s Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA), which sets targets for each authority to increase housing energy efficiency in its area. The Energy Saving Trust’s HECAction scheme provides local authorities with the opportunity top meet the commitment for the UK’s CO2 reduction targets made at the Kyoto conference. This is the fourth year of HECAction, and to date over 60 million has been invested. The amount of energy that has been saved during the lifetime of the scheme is estimated at 7,000 GWh, which equates to CO2 emissions of 1.2 million tonnes. That’s how much energy Cardiff or Belfast use in a year.

More Information:
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