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Council Keep Eye On Rugby Station Building

Strict measures have been imposed on Railtrack to make sure Rugby residents are not disturbed by the building work at the station.

Rugby District Council insisted that noise and other nuisance be kept to a minimum, particularly during the first part of the year-long £7 million scheme.

The conditions have been negotiated to make sure that people living near the station are safe from major disruption while the stationís canopy is being demolished.

Work to remove the shabby structure can only take place when no trains are running - between 1.15am and 5.45am - as the overhead power lines have to be disconnected.

Tom Cudlip, director of Housing and Environmental Health at Rugby District Council said he had sought firm assurances about the timetable of the work, what exactly would be done and the noise levels to be expected.

He said Railtrack had agreed to a number of conditions including:

  • a 24-hour manned complaint line for residents
  • daily feedback to the council about any complaints received
  • temporary sound barriers to protect properties in Abbey Street most likely to be affected by the noise
  • a ban on mechanical cutting and grinding equipment at night
  • installing monitoring equipment

Mr Cudlip said: 

"The station is a key asset to the borough and this investment represents an important step in bringing it back to the quality and appearance it should rightly be.

"It will be a credit to the town when completed and provide us with a facility fit for the 21st century.

"We will have a station of which we can be proud, which will provide an image of quality and which will make travelling a much more pleasant experience."


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