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Residents On Track For Late Night Noise

Dozens of residents north of Rugby are going to be told that there will be noisy workings on the railway throughout the night near their homes.

As part of the upgrade to the West Coast Mail Line, offering faster rail services to Coventry, Rugby and Nuneaton, work will have to be carried out between 11pm and 7am.

Railtrack has to inform 130 households in Newbold, another 30 in Easenhall, and 20 rural properties in-between about the work that will be carried out when rail lines are less busy.

The work will also affect public rights of way and footpaths close to the line, seeing closures of up to five months at some locations. In Coventry, there was uproar over plans to permanently close level crossings at Canley Tile Hill and Berkswell stations.

Railtrack want to change some of the bridges over the rail line, which are of the Stephenson design and that style should be respected, as Rugby Borough Council. 

It considers some of the proposed bridge rebuilding to be ‘unacceptable’ and wants the designers to look at the plans again.

Some trees are also to be removed and the council wants to be know what is going to be removed and why.

The council also predicts a ‘significant’ increase in heavy traffic on the B4112, Little Lawford Lane, Lea Crescent and Cathiron Lane.

Ian Davis, head of technical services at Rugby Borough Council, said:

“Railtrack has entered into commitments to enhance the speed, frequency, reliability and safety of services using the West Coast Main Line.

These objectives cannot be achieved without upgrading the route, notably in terms of train speed, capacity, signalling, traction power supply and maintenance regime,

“The improvements will provide for faster and more frequent services and a fleet of 53 high speed active trains to achieve improved journey times.”

Railtrack needs permission form John Prescott, as environment secretary, for the work to upgrade part of the Rugby to Nuneaton Trent Valley line, on the Newbold to Brinklow section.

A public inquiry will be held in January 2001 to look at objections to the upgrade scheme which will see massive work for new drains and culverts, installing plant and signalling equipment, plus changes to embankments, bridges, access roads and paths.

The council already has given ‘full support’ to the project to make the whole section between Rugby and Nuneaton a four-track railway, but is taking issue with some of the details.

With cutbacks over recent years, part of the stretch is down to two or three tracks in places, and this work will restore four tracks and allow faster trains to use the line.

Railtrack will need access to the line from the Parkfield Road area, which could affect construction of the much-heralded Rugby Western Relief Road.

Completion of the upgrade of the west coast main line will see 125mph trains running in 2002, cutting the journey time from Rugby to London from about 60 minutes to 45 minutes.

Coventry commuters will see their train journey trimmed from 75 to 60 minutes and the number of trains doubled to four per hour.

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