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New Money For Rural Transport

Steps are being taken to help improve transport facilities for rural communities in south Warwickshire.

A 250,000 grant has been earmarked for a partnership of local authorities and the voluntary sector to tackle the problems faced by people who need to use transport services in the countryside.

"This money will enable the partnership, which includes Stratford District Council, to take positive steps in improving transport in our many rural communities,"

said Cllr Tom Baxter, chairman of the district council's environmental sustainability panel.

"It's a bit too early at this stage to say exactly what will be done, as a we need to find out where the problems lie.

"What we do know however, is that lack of transport for those residents who live out in the countryside poses problems for their access to jobs and services, so it is vital in a district so widespread as ours that we help these communities as much as possible.

"We shall now be looking at what problems are out there, and in partnership with other organisations draw up a plan of action to implement whatever is necessary, and this grant will go a long way towards providing real solutions over the next three years."

A local partnership team which specifically looks at transport issues in the Stratford district was established in 1997. This will now be expanded to include public transport operators, the business community and parish councils.

The 250,000 grant will be awarded by the Countryside Agency, formerly the Rural Development Commission, once the action plan is approved, which must be completed within the next six months.

A project officer, Louisa Marchi, has already been appointed to spearhead the action plan, and will be based at Stratford District Council for the duration of the three year project. Louisa can be contacted on 01789 267575.

Mark Lepkowski, Press Officer  01789 260104
Sean O'Grady, Director of Planning


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