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Be Green With your Compost In Stratford

Householders are turning the rolling countryside of south Warwickshire the wrong shade of green.

Thatís because residents are getting confused over how to get rid of their garden waste. 

Some are putting their cuttings and other garden rubbish out for the dustman to collect in the wrong bags. 

And as the gardening season gets into full swing, council officials are now putting out reminders on the correct way to dispose of green waste.

Stratford-on-Avon District Council says that garden waste will only be collected from properties if it is in green sacks carrying the council logo, but it will not be picked up in any other sacks, even if they are green. 

Households with a disabled or elderly resident over 60 are entitled to 10 free green sacks each year, whilst additional green garden sacks can be purchased from the council's offices in Stratford, and area offices in Alcester, Shipston and Southam, or by telephoning 01789 293722.

Residents are also reminded that there is a regular collection of green garden waste that operates from various locations. 

The collection vehicle is on site between 10am and 2.30pm on a Saturday and accepts grass, hedge and confer cuttings, dead plants and small branches. 

But soil, rubble, plants pots, netting and other similar materials will not be taken away.

This free service operated on behalf of the district council by Biffa, runs between March and November.

The service operates from the Bull's Head Yard car park in Alcester on the first Saturday of every month, the Anglo Saxon car park in Bidford and the Prince Harry Road car park in Henley on the second Saturday, Wood Street car park in Southam on the third Saturday, and Pool Road car park in Studley on the fourth Saturday of every month.

Waste should not be left at the site at any other times, as this is effectively fly tipping and the cost of clearing it up could put the future of the free service in jeopardy. 

There are special skips for green waste at all of Warwickshire County Council's tip sites. Some 40,000 tonnes of waste is collected in the Stratford district each year, costing £840,000.

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