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Older People Conference

Warwick District Council is just one of 28 pilot UK authorities for the Government’s "Better Goverment for Older People" initiative. (Warwick is the only District Council involved).

The Council are holding their first all day conference on 3 November, 9.30am – 4.30pm at the Royal Spa centre.

Speakers for the morning includ Peter Kilfoyle MP, Minister for Public Services (see programme below).

A really lively debate is expected. Which is where you come in, all are welcome. It's completely free of charge, with lunch thrown in. The only criterion is that the bulk of the audience should be older than 50.

There will be some lunchtime entertainment including the WISE (West Indian Senior Citizens Endeavour) Gospel Choir, and a traditional jazz band. Cliff Wiggins, Town Hall Superintendent will be conducting tours of the Town Hall.

In the afternoon Lucy Gastor from Birmingham University will be introducing the different tiers of Government, followed by a "Question Time" style panel comprising of County and District Councillors, a rep from Parish and Town Councillors and possibly a local MP. Members of the public are encouraged to send questions into Jeanette McGarry, WDC in advance.

Further information:
Jeanette McGarry 01926 8844606.


  1. 9.30am - Coffee and registration
  2. 10.00am-  Welcome from the chair – Jeanette McGarry, Commissioning Director, Warwick District Council
  3. 10.05am - Debate Speakers – Danae Sheridan, Age Concern – Debate of the Age, Roger Turner, National Federation of Post Office and BT Pensioners – the role and need for pensioner groups, Jim Soulsby, National Institute for Adult Continuing Education – Lifelong Learning, Senior Representative of B&Q – positive recruitment of older workers and Flexible retirements plans
  4. 11.00am - Coffee
  5. 11.30am - Peter Kilfoyle MP, Minister for Public Services, The Cabinet Office
  6. 11.45am - The Debate – contributes from delegates
  7. 12.30pm - Lunch and deadline for submission of questions for the afternoon session
  8. 1.30pm - Welcome from the chair – Janie Barrett, Chief Executive, Warwick District Council
  9. 1.35pm - Presentation – The Tiers of Government Lucy Gastor, INLOGOV
  10. 2.00pm -  "Question Time" with the politicians
  11. 3.15 - Final Discussion and Summation
  12. 3.30pm - Tea followed by guided tours of the Town Hall.


  1. To officially launch the WDC pilot
  2. To raise awareness about issues of concern to older people
  3. To inform and raise awareness about the various tiers of Government
  4. To enable people to enter into debate with politicians
  5. To launch the process for establishing and Older Peoples’ Forum in the locality
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