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French Market In Kenilworth

Kenilworth says ‘Bonjour’ and ‘bienvenue’ to the Traditional French market as it arrives in Kenilworth for the 9, 10 and 11 July.

The Market will take place at Abbey End (follow the signs) on the paved area at the front of the shops. If you’re coming into Kenilworth you can’t miss it, and you shouldn’t miss it.

Genuine French Traders (from France!), are bringing a variety of goods for three days at the beginning of July. Bring your phrase book, find a little piece of France in rural Warwickshire, and discover and enjoy the shops and many restaurants of Kenilworth.

There will be a wide range of traders from France selling goods including Calvados, French Bread, oilcloths, goats cheeses, Breton biscuits, pancakes (crepes), oh, and garlic. Naturellement.

The Town Council, the Kenilworth Chamber of Trade, and the District Council are all supportive of the event as a way of promoting the town centre.

For further information, please contact the Town Centre Manager, Joseph Baconnet, on 01926 456011.

Town Centre Manager, Joe Baconnet says

"French Market have proved very popular in the UK (and France of course), and they are designed to promote the town by attracting more shoppers. This is one of a number of initiatives that are being pursued under the town centre management programme."

Andrew Williams, Chair of the Kenilworth Chamber of Trade said

"It’s a good opportunity to bring people to Kenilworth to let them have a good day and to discover the town. The Chamber supports this and wants people to have a good day in Kenilworth."

Guy Njhuis of the French Market Company said:

"It’s an event that transforms the town in to a little piece of France for two or three days. The traders are very much looking forward to coming to Kenilworth, and to promises to be tasty, colourful and fun. Just remember to bring your phrase book!!!"

The Town Centre Manager’s guide to French Phrases that may be fo use…..

"Bonjour" – Good Morning / afternoon. A good start.

"Il fait tres beau temps" – the weather’s very good… (hopfully!). this will prove the English obsession with the weather…

"Un morceau de fromage, s’il vous plait" – A piece of cheese, please. Now you’re talking,a nd shopping.

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